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Canadian Art at Your Finger Tips.

I'm excited to finally share with you that I have partnered up with a wonderful local Canadian company Standout Puzzles! 🧩


They are a small batch producer of premium high quality jigsaw puzzles featuring the work of Canadian artists.


If you are looking to purchase my Spirit Bear puzzle you can go to their website and check out the "Where to Buy" section (there's approximately 114 shop locations across Canada). If there isn't a location closest to you, you can also purchase them through their website. 

Note: Not all the stores carry the whole line of puzzles, so It's best to call ahead to see if the puzzles you want is available at your local retailer. 😊

New Paintings Available at the Mayberry Fine Art Gallery.

It's not very often I actually have a new collection of original paintings available.  If your interested in any of my new paintings please contact the Mayberry Fine Art gallery and they will be happy to assist you. 

I pride myself in making sure each and every painting I create are unique and original from the next one.  My narrative paintings can take any where from a month to two months to created and in some cases even longer.

 I paint mostly with acrylic gouache and acrylic ink, but I have also been known to play around with other materials and techniques such as crackle mediums, molding pastes, real rust, watercolors, and more.  I defiantly can say, the pictures on my website don't do my work justice, so if you just happen to be in Toronto, ON, Canada, head over to the Mayberry Fine Art gallery to see my paintings in person.  And if you do, let me know what you think! 




Spirit of the Forest Painting. (Available at the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada.)

You can now see my painting of a Spirit Bear at the Ian Tan gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Stop by the gallery if your in the city.  It's always wonderful to see paintings in person.  :)

Featured in BloPop Magazine.

My art is featured in a six page spread in BloPop Magazine.  BloPop Magazine is an contemporary art magazine with a focus on pop surrealism and low brow art.

My Art used in the TV series "The Magician" on Syfy.

I gave the TV series "The Magicians" permission to use one of my images in their TV series.  You can see my work "Overgrown" above Alice's bed in her bedroom. 

Artwork on Pear Cider Can (Collective Arts Brewing)

I'm excited to announce that my artwork "The Fort" has been selected out of 2000 plus entries for Collective Arts Brewing's new limited edition Pear Saison cider label.  The Pear cider will be available at selected grocery stores and bars starting Deceber 5th.  

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